Hartford Connecticut


The tryst (1 hr): 400  

The extended tryst (90 min): 550  

A proper introduction (2 hrs): 700  

Coffee/lunch date n dessert(3 hrs, 25% deposit required): 950  

Dinner N Dessert” (4 hrs 25% deposit required): $1200

A night out on the town” (6 hrs, 25% deposit required): $1500

Social time (dinner dates, events etc must take place in public setting no GFE): 250hr  

Overnights (12 hrs 25% deposit required): 2500  

Sunrise til sundown (12 hrs during day 25%deposit required): 3000  

All day bliss (24 hours 25% deposit required): 4000  

Weekend getaway (48 hrs 25% deposit required): 6000  

Couples(90 min minimum): Add $200  

Doubles with a friend: Minimum of 90 minutes , my donation plus theirs.

No clocks allowed, clock free session $3,000

( Deposit required , contact for details)

Connecticut outcalls solo sessions: If within Hartford county add 50 if outside Hartford county add 100.  

Vip Hartford Connecticut Escort

Fly Me to You:

Touring is a rarity for me, so rather than waiting for me to come to your city which will likely not happen, please consider a “fly me to you” package. I am available for both domestic and international travel (passport ready). 25% deposit required plus airfare and accomodations must be paid upfront. 48 hour notice required for domestic travel, 72 hr notice required for international travel. You may pay for airfare with Southwest Rapid Rewards points or Southwest giftcard. Unless you are hosting an overnight/multicast stay at your home or hotel, then I will require hotel accomodations of 3 star or higher.

Dinner n Dessert (4 hrs): 1500

A night out on the town (6 hrs): 2000

Overnight (12 hrs): 3000

All day bliss (24 hrs): 4000

Weekend getaway (48 hours): 7000

Each additional day: 2000

TOURING:  My considerations while touring will vary depending on  the local market that I am currently visiting. Please refer to my ad where you found me for considerations.

*AN EXCLUSIVE ARRANGEMENT* If you cannot stand the idea of sharing me, and would like me all to yourself, there at your beckon call when the urge strikes, and gone when you want your space privacy, then please consider an exclusive ARRANGEMENT. (We will have to have atleast a few sessions together to make sure we have the right chemistry, as I will not consider an exclusive arrangement with a complete stranger): $20,000 per month  

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